Seva in Cuncolim, 11th-15th April

 Like every year, Sai seva team took the opportunity to serve the devotees of Lord Balaji

(indeed he is a form of our Swami) at Cuncolim village. Sai Sevadals especially from Ponda

Samiti had a lion’s share for the successful completion of the five day seva in the lord Balaji

Temple by governing various activities like serving of Maha-prasad, making important

announments, tenting a reception, car parking arrangements and cleaning. This festival

remarks the installation anniversary of the temple and witnesses a flood of devotees flocking

in to have a glimpse of the Lord. Sai Seva Dal served Maha-prasad to these devotees and

won their blessings. Apart from the Kundaim and Ponda, Sai youths specially from Panaji

and Margao too offered their services. On the last day, Sai youths gathered under the roof of

the temple and sang devotional songs adding bhakti rasam in the environment; thus,

concluding a memorable event.


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