House Renovation at Kundaim, 3rd August ’08- A Report:


Sai youths  with the name of Sai gathered once again to renovate a house for a poor lady name ‘Vishranti Gaude’ at ‘Kanera’ a remote place that comes in Kundaim village of ponda taluka (Goa).

The story of Vishranti Gaude:

This widow has a hard life. With death of her husband, the responsibility to take care of her two children, girl now passed her 12th and boy studying in 4th came on her. With no special skill by which she could earn, this lady since then has been going house to house to wash clothes and utensils and cook food.

Tragedy took toll when the roof top of her house collapsed along with the wooden first floor during a rain storm. The house was made of mud, which worsened the condition. The estimated loss of property was 50,000/-; where 40,000/- was the computer her daughter got from school as per a scholarship scheme.  Fortunately, no one was at home. But what could she do next. No neighbor was willing to help. The government officials took no action. What will she do?


How we came to know:

By Swami’s will, a sai devotee found a column in a local newspaper mentioning about the above story. He immediately contacted his fellow Sai youths. They surveyed the house, planned the budget, the accessories, and time. The date was confirmed.


On 3rd of August:

 Another Swami’s miracle, the day was sunny. Lord Indra (the rain god) seemed to be in a very good mood so he sent only light showers in between. At about 9 am the Sai youths gathered at the site. They had brought all the necessary items including G.I. sheets, 9 metre wooden log (they brought from a place that’s about 7 kms from the site. the road was very narrow and the vehicle was a mini-truck), and welding machine. The work began with Sai’s name. Youths worked like experts and within 5 hours the roof was ready.

It was one of the happiest moments. Though nothing great was accomplished, the joy we found amidst the Sai circle is unexplainable. And the smiles in those poor people’s lips is what we want to see. It is different story every time, but one thing is common- We find the divine force every time around us. It says, ‘I shall do my work through you. Be my instrument and attain my grace. I shall help you to overcome every hurdle. Have no fear. Just attempt.’

Sai Ram!


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