Serving Needy in a different way:

Lovely Sai Ram,


Swami said a saying thus, ‘Service to man is service to God’. But many among us just keep wondering about ways to serve humanity. Many of us find it difficult to dedicate ourselves to some social activities too often. ‘Attending seva is impossible today’, we say. Some of us plan, but fail it into put to practice. While few others underestimate their individual humanitarian service capabilities.

If you are trying to discover ways to serve the needy then our sai sister Rajeshri and her friends seems to be quite a good example. Rajeshri from Panaji sai samiti is a computer engineer by profession. And she along with her friends has dedicated every Sunday for the educational upbringing of the poor children of a village called Curca (Cudca).



 We asked her a few questions.


Q. Tell us something about your tuition Activity at Curca village?

àThe activity was started in the mid of January 2008. Initially we started with Balvikas in Curca village at Nagesh temple. When we went through the academic progress of the students we noticed that most of them were under average and used fail in many subjects. This was due to the unawareness among their parents in educating their children and their financial problems in going for tuitions. We came out with the solution of starting with the activity of tuition classes.


Q.  How did you approach them?

 à  The elders along with the sai youth girls visited all houses in the village and informed the children and their parents regarding the importance of balvikas, tuition activity and advised them to attend the  same on every Sunday at 11:00 am. Initially it was Shri Nagesh temple, then we shifted to Shri Somnath Nair’s Residence.


Q.  You all have no teaching background. How did you prepare yourself for it?

àIn the beginning we had children from standard 1st to 7th. Students were divided according to their standards and each group was allotted to one youth. As days passed students of even the higher classes started attending the tuitions. The new place is the residence of Shri Somnath Nair.


Q. How many (in fact who) assist you with it?

à Initially we were very few. We are a total of 10 carrying out tuitions activity namely: Siddhi, Priyag, Shruti, Jaya, Aparna, Aditi, Ruhi, Smriti, Pragati & Shubha.


Q. That’s eleven including you!

à Oh yes!


Q. Any Progress found in the children?

à Many children were weak in their basics when they joined as there was no body to train them. Their school staffs were not that serious about working on their basic skills. Thus, our main aim is to improve their base & to let them know the importance of studies in life. On that note, an improvement is seen among the students. To give an example, the students who used to fail in 2 subjects are clearing their subjects. Yet, those with failing in more than 2 subjects need to be furnished & trained in a better manner.


Q. That’s a very noble service to society as you are taking care of educare and education as well. It is an inspiration to all of us. You are indeed a blessed soul. Let swami’s grace be upon you.

à Sai Ram! Thank you. We have a long way to go. Do tell us how we can improve in this way to make our activity better. Sai Ram.


That was a short conversation with Sister Rajeshri. Hope it has started tickling the gears in your brain. While devotion is vehicle, service is its fuel by which you will reach Swami. Many have begun their journey. When are you starting?


‘Attending seva is impossible today……..’ who said that!


Happy Ganesha and Ramzan!

Sai Ram!



2 responses to “Serving Needy in a different way:

  1. Sai ram. Well written and lots of praises to the saiyouth girls. It is truly inspirational for me. I would like to suggest that the tutors should meet the school teachers and make them aware of the situation. Don’t tell them how to teach- that would spoil the relation betwn the tutor and teachers. Be gentle and try to tell the matter in a encouraging tone. Invite them to educational functins of your organisation.

  2. nice work sister rajeshri keep it up …….swami will like it … suggestion sister pl start or end the class chanting sai gayatri or gayatri mantra ….
    sairam may god bless u all with more knowledge so that u can share with this childrens .

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