Maha Shivaratri Bhajan at Shri Shantadurga Temple, Margao- 23rd February 09

This year the mahashivaratri bhajan was hosted by the samiti of sanvordem. The venue for the program was the heavenly premises of shri shantadurge\a temple. At Margao. The hall facing the goddess was decorated richly. Swami’s sayings were pegged on every pillar.p1000057

At the podium the decoration was simple but charming. A beautiful rangoli was drawn in front of Swami’s photo frame. The bhajan began at 6 pm, which started with omkar, veda and later bhajans from all the samitis according to the schedule. The Sai youth had two bhajan slots. Later bhajans were sung by slected singers. At about 5: 20 am suprabhatam began and many went for nagarsankirthan while others continued the bhajan. At about 6 am the bhajan ended with aarti and prasadam.

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