karmali-seva-house-1Karmali- Sai youths from various samitis mainly of karmali joined hands to renovate the house of a poor man which caught fire a few days back. The seva was conducted on the eve of Ambedkar jayanti –April 14.

Few days back Raghveer sawaikar was very happy. He is a laborer and his daily wages are just enough to fill his and his family stomach. His daughter’s marriage was coming up (19th April). He had saved each penny for this occasion and now the right time had come to spend it. But the happenings turned sides on one night when due to some short circuit the house caught fire. The money took was burnt into ashes. The only thing that was left untouched by the fire was the pooja house. He did not even had any clothes to wear. A sai devotee assisted him. He gave him his clothes. Some neighbour helped him with food and shelter.

Sai youths of karmali visited him and enquired about this. Understanding the urgency of seva [due to his daughter’s marriage] the sai youths decided to renovate the house on 14th april which by swami’s grace is a public holiday.

Around 60 sai youths worked at the site and renovated the house by evening. Some other after-works were done in the next days. Some sai devotees assisted him with financial support.

‘Service to man is service to God’



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