The ladies youth of Panjim have been carrying out balvikas classes at Curca village. They noticed the irregularity of children for the class, so they came up with an idea of conducting a small function which can motivate parents in sending their children for balvikas.

On the occasion of the Installation day anniversary of Shri Nagesh temple (a village deity) the All Goa Youth conducted bhajan. Then the panjim Mahila youth did a drama named “Manava Pasun Madhav” (From Man to Lord Madhava). This was enacted in Konkani (local language) consisting of a  group of 3 balvikas children and 9 youth, which gained a live music effect by one of the mahila youth.

The drama also included a series of short value based role plays along with some melodious songs added to it. It initially began with “Din dukhiyon ki seva karma yeh hai dharma hamara” followed by a roleplay depicting the importance of humans over animals. The next roleplay was about a lecturer and student which was based on human values.

It also consisted a beautiful kirtan performed by the youth “Bole taisa chale tyachi vandavi paule”. The third role play was on Swami’s “Chepinattu Chestara” which spread a message of practising what we preach.

The drama was a great success by the grace of our beloved lord. The reason behind this function was to spread Swami’s message and to make the parents realise the importance of educare in children’s lives. Thus notifying them to send thier children regularly for the balvikas classes.



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