sadhana camp 1
The samiti members had felt a need to understand the
importance of Veda chanting with correct intonations.
So it was decided that on 19th April there would be a
function where experts would guide us on this matter.
This Sunday morning, the navdurga temple hall was
filled with about 200 devotees. The function commenced
with aumkar and veda chanting. Shri Shantanan who has
been doing deep study in vedas, talked on the topic of
vedas and its inner meaning. He explained how incorrect
chanting can futile the very purpose of veda hymning.
He emphasised on quality and purity. The next speaker
was Smt. Prema. She talked on the topic of dettachment
and bhakti. She took us to the journey of the three
stages of life – childhood, adulthood and old age.
‘Unlike the previous yuga where one had to go to forest
in his/her old age to seek salvation,in this kali yuga
one has to only chant the lord’s name to seek him,’ she
said thus. Next, Shri Murli stormed over the podium.
Ever cheerful to talk, he in a humorous manner mocked
at our daily way of living.
Then he slowly diverted the topic to self-transformation.
Giving an example of his own aunty who has entrapped by
the ghost of some underworld bhai (he said so), he said
each of us has a ghost in us, which is none other than
our identity. He said that in order to be one with the
god one has to forget one’s identity and try to realise
that he is not his name or someone father, daughter or
boss but ‘divine’. After the lunch, Shri Mani- an expert
on veda chanting presided the function. He said that he
was very much impressed to hear the veda chantings in the
morning. He began with the teaching of
‘Shri Narayana Upanishad’. In between he true account of
his own life which gave the audience some time to relax.
By the time the veda teaching ended it was evening.
Shri Arun bhobe thanked all the devotee for being present.
The function ended with Aarti, vibhuti and prasadam.
sadhana camp 2DSC00135DSC00155

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