Swami! Good company is very essential for everybody. Is it as significant as it is said to be?

Bhagawan: Undoubtedly, good company is very important for every one of you. In fact, you should also seek the company of good people. You should run away from bad company. It is the company you join that, decides your life. So, it is said, “Tell me your company! I shall tell you what you are!” Dust when it is in association with the wind goes up, but the same dust in association with water sinks down. Another example for you. In ten cups of milk if you mix one cup of water, the value of water also will go up. But, on the other hand, in ten cups of water, if you pour one cup of milk, the milk will lose its value. See, this explains clearly the importance of the association or the company you keep.

You also hear in the Mahabharata about Karna, who, in spite of all his excellence in archery, intelligence, and physical prowess, because of his bad company, has come to be known as one among the `dustacatustaya‘, the four wicked ones. Karna lost all his name and fame, because of bad company.



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