House Construction Seva at Orasbaag on 20th feb 2011

Swami built a house for a family where the Man is almost good for nothing, the lady is so old and emancipated that it reminds you of photographs of somalia and their young son is stark blind! what a leela of swami indeed. and then Swami gets us there to this remote village in maharashtra to this family and we are all in tears when we …see this suffering and the curse on this family, you can then only feel as to how lucky we are….. many experiences related this house construction …actually it started with a dream of swami asking our District President Dr bhobe “what are you going to do with the poor family in orasbaag which is Priority seva” so the same day we visited the site. On first sight we couldnt believe what we saw, the condition of the house and the family leaving in the small uncompleted home, and there the lady was worshiping only swami 🙂 we started our survey about materials same day & we could arrange all the required materials by swami’s grace.

On 20th feb 2011 sunday holy morning 15 sai youths reached orasbaag village to the site. We started our work with aumkar and swami’s divine blessings …
soon within no time we could complete most of the work of cleaning and material delivery before afternoon lunch …
by looking our enthusiasm Village youth also joined us 🙂 which was one more miracle of swami …
Chanting sairam sairam the whole construction work was completed within one day and the family was re-shifted in new Sai Home 🙂

We are thankful to swami for giving us strength and opportunity to serve the family with lot of joy and Divine Love 🙂 Jai sairam



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