Regular Swadhyay (Spiritual study) conducted at Karmali since 2001

Sairam by Swami’s grace Shri Prabhakar Deshpande from Panaji is conducting regular swadhyay at Karmali since 2001.

He studied around 65 books on Swami’s life taking out cream notes and distributing it to all the devotees with discussion on various topics.

Following are the topics covered till date:

  1. Brahma
  2. Atma (aham)
  3. Jeevatma
  4. Koham (Who Am I)
  5. Atma Tatva
  6. Atma Shodh
  7. Advait
  8. Sharir (deh)
  9. Mann
  10. Ahankar
  11. Asakti
  12. Bhakti
  13. Sathya
  14. Dharma
  15. Ahimsa
  16. Sharnagath
  17. Kripa
  18. Moksha
  19. Shradha
  20. Tyag
  21. Karma

Those interested are welcome to attend this swadhyay sairam 🙂


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