Youth Get Together

The second get together at the picturesque Monte Hill, Old Goa was equally enthralling. It started with warm up games of hopping and then clapping. The topic for discussion was ‘True friendship’. There were a range of inputs that were given by the participants on the topic

  • Friend is someone who stands by you in the times of difficulties
  • True friend is someone on whom you can afford to have blind faith
  • Faith on friend ranging from little to infinity based on the friendship that you have
  • With whom you can share one’s sadness or worries to remove up the pent up feelings

Two examples of friendship from our mythology were discussed, one of Karna and Duryodhana wherein on the pretext of gratefulness to his friend Duryodhana, Karna supported the adharmic actions of duryodhana like the Vastraharan of Draupadi and Killing of Abhimanyu. On the other hand Vibheshana forsake his blood brother Ravana  as he was on the adharmic path. He also did not react when his own son was being killed in the battlefield. Rama then bestowed upon him the kingdom of ravana as a true friend.

A beautiful point was raised by Pramod when he said that he looks at swami as his true friend and shares with him all his good as well as bad moments of life.

To sum it up Jayesh said that friend is someone who will make one’s life beautiful

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