Mother and Child Care Session at Lakaki, Margao

Mother and Child Care Session on Common Gynecological Problems in Women – Part 1 was conducted in Lakaki colony by our Sai Mahila Youth on 17th March 2013

Session started with Omkar and Ganesh Prarthana, Ladies were told the significance of Omkar and also meaning of Ganesh Shloka was explained.

Later presentation was shown on common Gynecological Problems in women and discussion was held with the ladies on the topic.It was observed that many ladies were negligent about their health and avoided visiting the doctor, they were further counselled on the same.

Later while having a casual conversation with the ladies we told them the importance of education for their children and they promptly replied, “luckily all our children go to school, and all because of sairam,  sairam is like God to us” (they refer to our Sai brothers as sairam)

The residents of this colony are mostly  laborers and do not possess any valid documents, Our Sai brothers visiting this colony helped them get proper documents and got the children admitted to the school.

Sairam 🙂


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