“Divine Heritage” a musical presentation by the Youth and Balvikas children from the state of Goa

Divine Heritage…

Our real heritage is our Divine Heritage, declared the youth and  Balvikas children from the  state of  Goa presenting a unique Musical Offering entitled ‘Divine Heritage’ on the holy Ashadi Eve, yesterday, 18 July evening in Prasanthi Nilayam.


Scripting a US based NRI family’s holiday tour to the Western Indian State of Goa, neighbouring Maharashtra, the musical drama presented the diverese rich cultural heritage of this Konkan State that was under the porguese regime for about four and a half century.



Famous for its beaches and similarity to western civilisation, Goa often portrays a different picture in the minds of common man. Last evening’s presentation turned out to be an eye-opener, presenting the other side of Goan civilisation, that is rich with many unique folk festivals and traditions.
The influence of the Portuguese music and dance on the local culture has helped evolve new cultural forms and the most significant part about the dance in the state is that it colourfully illustrates the unity in diversity of Goan heritage. The Hindus and Christians co-exist in peace and harmony and celebrate all festivals together. This happy blending and co-existence of cultural traditions gives a unique character to the music and folk dances of Goa.


The evening’s presentation revolved around presenting some of the unique folk dances, namely, Goff, Kunbi Dance, Virabhadra, GhodhI Modni, Musal Dance, Dhangar Dance etc. Of the various cultural-dance presntations in the evening Goff Dance stood apart with its unique style of presentation, receving raptrous applause.


Goff performed in the Phalgun month during the Shigmo Festival is a popular dance in South Goa in which colorful cloth plaits hanging from a point in the ceiling, with each dancer holding a plait each dances in synchrony forming a beautiful braid; subsequently they dance in reverse only to unravel the braid formed.


Earlier the presentation began with the legend of Goa, that dates back to the era of Lord Parashurama. The most famous legend associated with the State speaks about its unique connection with Lord Parashurama (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu), Who several thousand years ago created the entire stretch of Konkan coast by ordering the seas to recede.
The presentation also illustrated the uniqueness of Goan Carnival, a most important festivity in the month of February, when Goans go in to the streets with festive frenzy, with a mixed pack of cultural variety.


The most salient feature of the Goan Culture, as depicted in the evening, was its unique connection with Mother Nature. The presentation highlighted how every festivity and traditional folk danaces blend in unique fashion adorning Mother Nature.


The presentaton ended with introducing the Guru, whose referecnce popped up invariably in the presentation, as the NRI family meets up with its Goan family friends. To a curious question by the fashionable girl, Preeti, from the US based family, the village man replies that the Guru is None Other Than Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba!!! Bhagawan had blessed the land with His divine visit in the year 1970.


At the end of the presentation, even as bhajans continued, all the participants were felicitated with special gifts. Bhajans continued and ended with Thursday Special in Bhagawan’s Voice.
 Mangala Arathi was offered at 1820 hrs. marking the end of the session.
for video

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