Sri Sathya Sai Youth Conference

Sri Sathya Sai Youth Conference was held at Balaji Mandir, Cuncolim, Kundai Goa. around 150 youth participated & 30 Elder Sai devotees attended the program.

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The Program commenced with veda chanting followed by Lighting of the lamp and bhajans. Shri Saieesh Gandhi Hosted the program and briefed every one about the schedule. The first talk was on the topic Does bhagawan need us or we need HIM? where in which Shri Narayan rao highlighted the problems faced in the world and how bhagawan plays an important in each of our life. The next session was on Purpose of Life in which Nehali Chodnekar & her Team conveyed the message of self realization through a small skit. Today’s youth always complaint about their busy schedule and lack of time for spiritual & social activities. Shri Hrishikesh Dharwatker, in his talk ”time management” stressed on the importance of categorizing work based on priority.

100_2958100_2849100_2863As a short break Miss Jaya & Nehali came up on stage & sang inspirational songs in alternately to keep the spirit high in the audience. To make the youth understand about our organisation and activities conducted by SSSO in Goa Shri Sidhesh Prabhudessai displayed structure of organisation and our 3 wings through a slide show. Shri Sandeep shirodkar conducted the next talk which was based on Bhajan Singing in daily life with perfect sur taal & raaga.

100_2889 IMG_1647Next in the schedule was to involve the new youth in the Group discussion. The audience was divided into 6 groups. Each group was given a topic & was told to come up with new ideas and give a 5 mins presentation on it. This session proved to be very lively & involved each and every youth into it.


This was followed by a quick presentation by 2 sai techies Sujit & Shaunak on how technology is used for SAI Communication. They specially showcased how all the alerts and updates of SAI activities reach to all sai members in goa through Bulk sms, Facebook and our saiyuvagoa blog.

IMG_1717IMG_1725IMG_1694At the last Narayan S (Dist Youth Leader) & Ganesh K encouraged all the youth to follow the nine code of conduct of swami and relish sai in every day life. Finally Our guest Shri Ravi Gopal, Zonal Cordinator of SSSO Mah & Goa came up on the stage and congratulated all the youth for the involvement in all the sai activities. He said he was truly impressed by all the talks and group presentation. In the end he told that youth are the foundation and strength of any organisation and if they follow the path of Divine path of Sai. ” They will surely get their purpose of Life”. He also said instead of having new activities and stopping that abruptly, we should continue doing the seva activities which we have already taken up in full force. As swami believes in Quality than Quantity. Our (Dist. President) Shri Prakash Dharvatker thanked all the youth and our guest for making this program success and said that he hopes every individual in this program learn something new and will implement in his daily life. The program concluded with Arati & Maha Prasadam.

Jai Sairam!!.


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