Christmas celebration and Annual day at Old Goa School

On the 20th day of December, 2013, the school, before closing for Christmas vacation, celebrated Christmas where they depicted the story of advent of Lord Jesus and sang beautiful carols during the school assembly. Three students and one teacher became Santa clauses and distributed chocolates to all students and teachers. It was for the first time that Christmas was celebrated in the school with such gusto, fun and joy. Prior to this, the school had celebrated the Eid Festival and the Ganesh Festivals. Thanks to swami and his accreditation, the school is picking up with momentum.



On the 21st day of December, 2013, the school celebrated the Annual day function wherein, for the first time, the whole theme was ethnic and value-based. For the first time, there were no bollywood songs or dances . The dances were purely folk dances of different states of India with devotional songs and the 3 dramas were fully value-based. I have to add here that all these functions and festivals were handled and depicted very beautifully by the teachers and students. There were no professional choreographers at all and it was the teachers and senior students who taught the students the various dances of garba, dandia, bhangra, lamp dance, Jammu and Kashmir dances, Rajasthani dances and the Goan dances.



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